Back to Rostering

Well, it is getting back to normal after the summer break, and everyone is settling back into routine. For me, I have a rotating shift, I do 2 weeks working 9-5, then 1 week 11-7. On my 11-7 shift week, I work the Saturday 10-6, but do get 1 day off during the week. And this week is a bonus – we had a public holiday on Monday.

Another great thing about the 11-7 shift is that I catch the 10:15 ferry through to the CBD. This is usually a bit more relaxed, and on days like today it is absolutely fantastic. And in the evening, I catch the 8:00 p.m. ferry home.Hate to be a bore, but I never tire of this wonderful view, and I am constantly amazed at the beauty of this earth we live on.

Need I say more?



Little Bucklands Beach

Little Bucklands Beach

Live, laugh, Love!




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