Ferry trips and down time.

as some may know, I have a daily commute into the CBD  by an half hour ferry trip – or harbour cruise, as I prefer. Most days it is marvellous, some days fantastic. I have been catching it for over a year, & not once has it not been enjoyable. However, sometimes it is a bit wetter and/or windier than others, but I still love it.

Today it is a bit cooler and drearier, but I’m still sitting out the back.


What do I do on the commute? Usually talk with fellow commuters – we are a friendly bunch. We have organised breakfasts, evening get togethers and Christmas drinks.

(just came around the point)

I just love the way my working days start!

I thought I may just use a bit of time to make a quick post. It may be habit forming. I hope it doesn’t get boring. I have had numerous comments from friends asking where my ferry photo posts are on Facebook this year!

Anyway, wishing you all a wonderful day, and may a smile be put on your face. Enjoy.

Live, laugh, love!

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