Zero to Hero: Days 5, 7-9

Where did the time go???

Well, having survived getting back into the work groove after the best summer holiday for about 7 years, it has taken a big chunk out of my “me time” where I socialise over the internet – you know, WordPress, FaceBook, catching up on Yahoo!Mail and gMail, not to mention my private email.

My good intentions of participating in the Zero to Hero challenge dropping off, and my posts starting to lag behind.

To my surprise, I find that in the general course of attending to Tripping the Light Fantastic, I have actually been acieving some of the daily tasks!

For Day 5, I experimented with a few themes, but decided that I like this current theme – however, a change to something dark rather than white could be on the cards!

I had also tried a couple of different changes to the basic theme, and so automatically completed Day 7.

I have also revised my “About me page”. But made it irresisitable? Probably not, but it does give a little more about me. So, Day 8 done.

As far as Day 9 – Heading Deeper – I have been immersing myself as I’ve been going along. I am constantly surprised that so many other people have visited my pages (but should I really? Wasn’t that one of the reason’s we start a blog), and have found some very talented and/or interesting people that have provided me with inspiration (both spiritually and physically), and have found interests other than photos that I am following.

Day 10 will have to wait! It is getting late on Sunday evening and I have work tomorrow – and of course, another week of harbour cruising!

And face it, 3 posts today! Hope I haven’t spammed too much!

Wishing you all a fantastic week – and if I’m following your blog, I’m looking forward to catching up wity you.

Enjoy, and as always, Live, Laugh, and Love.


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