Another task accomplished!

Today, while recovering from the celebrations of yesterday, I had promised my wife that I would hang the new venetian in the kitchen. So after gathering the tools, laying out the new blind, it was time to start.

Old one ready to cpme down

Old one ready to come down

First up, I removed the slats of the new blind.

Laid out, slats stripped, ready to cut down to size

I took the old blind down, and we were ready to go.

empty window

empty window

Top and bottom extrusions hacksawed down to size, end caps refitted, and hanging brackets fitted, slats going on.

Starting to load the slats

Starting to load the slats

A good start

A good start

It was time consuming cutting 24 mm off each end of each slat

Cutting slats to size (24 mm off each end)

Cutting slats to size (24 mm off each end)

However, trimmed they were, and inserted into the ladder tapes

A quarter done

A quarter done

Another slat going in

Another slat going in

Near the end

Near the end

A few finishing touches

almost done

Almost done

Putting on the bottom extrusion, and all done

finished venetian

All finished – and the cat is satisfied

And, it works!

venetian half way up

It even stays up!

Mind you, the day wasn’t all work – we had some visitors earlier in the day. A neighbour’s cat has recently had kittens, and they were out and about exploring. One of our cats (Fozzie), just looked on.

Live, laugh, love!


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