Busy-ness abounds

Sometimes life seems to be filled with activity and the days are filled to (almost) capacity. This is one of those periods for me.

I have been back at work since Jan 9 (notice how my recent activity level has dropped?), and the weekends have been busy busy busy. Why?

My family (and I) have been in our home for 12 years now, and about the only changes we have made in that time re-painting all ceilings and walls, new kitchen cupboards and floor, and new taps in the bathrooms – including a new cistern in the ensuite. So, a few things are in dire need of renovation/replacement. Hence, replacing a couple of the venetians last weekend, and a couple more this weekend. And, we are replacing the carpets and vinyl floors too. Maybe the vanaties in the en suite and bathroom. And, need to renovate the decking timber.

So, I’ve been running around attending to getting ready for all of this to be done.

And, today is my 28th Wedding Anniversary.

So, my busy-ness continues! And I’m loving every moment.

Live, Laugh, Love!


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