Just a quick note!

A recent post from a blog I follow (Charlotte Hoather) that was written as a guest blog for another blog – Uncle Spikes Adventures – hade me laughing as I visualised the scene.

What sprang to mind was a recent concert I attended where my younger son and one of his fellow musicians did a comic turn.

I am blessed that I have been able to enjoy the music of a group of very talented young people, and give thanks to the wonderful band master, who make up the Saint Andrew’s Big Band. Over the past few years, this group has grown in ability, and their concerts are an absolute joy (and always sold out).

Incidentally, any money this group gets from ticket sales goes to charities, and they have raised a significant amout. It is wonderful that this group of young people are donating their time (and talent) freely for the benefit of others. And we are the beneficiaries of their music.

I hope you enjoy this clip (let me know if you do, and I will share some others (or you can head over to my YouTube page)

Live, laugh, love!

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