A busy weekend

Finally I’ve managed to sit down on Sunday evening and relax. I’ve had a bit of a busy one – yesterday was the usual house cleaning (minus mowing the lawns), and then out and about in the afternoon looking at carpets, buying replacement venetian blinds, and getting a few new bits and pieces for around the house.

Among the task for today was to tailor and install the venetian blinds for the toilet and en suite. I wsn’t really looking forward to it – we got off-the shelf blinds that needed to be cut down to size. This entailed dismantling each blind (removing the slats, up/down string, and caps) and cutting the top and bottom pieces to the correct “width”. Then I had to trim each end of each slat by 23 mm. Once all the slats were cut to size & the top hung, it was time to put everything back together. Quite a labourious undertaking, and awkward in these small rooms. And I had to battle the cats thinking that the strings and knobs were their toys.

Anyway, after finishing, I am happy and satisfied with the work. A major improvement over the old ones!

new_blind-2 new_blind

Boring, I know, but sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you just gotta do!

Live, Laugh, Love! (And now, for me, sleep!)

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