Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Hey ho! for challenges. I have decided that I should really start contributing to the weekly photo challenge

  1. to encourage me to take photos
  2. to keep me posting
  3. to give me some direction, but most of all
  4. to have a little bit of fun along the way

This theme really spoke to me with all the possibilities. I went looking for a particular photo I had taken some time ago, and when searching (I really need to complete the cataloging of my collection) I came across this

Blue sky and clouds

Taken from outside the Auckland Art Gallery Te Toi o Tamaki, looking across the road onto the mirrored reflections of the wonderful day. The Art Gallery has recently undergone a massive renovation, and part of this has won an international architecture award. The “canopy” is made from native woods, and is simply stunning (this photo also fits into this challenge)

Te Toi o Tamaki "canopy"

Te Toi o Tamaki “canopy”

Neither of these are what I started out looking for (which is very often the way of life), but this second photo is a good choice, I hope.

Enjoy the day.




One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. Nice pictures. I have not quite figured out what I am doing for this challenge. I am trying to think of a unique way to describe window.

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