Zero to Hero Challenge: Day 6

Should I have known this earlier?

A few months ago, I visited one of the local beaches on a sunny late winter (very early sping) afternoon to try out a timelapse video. So, after about an hour, and about 1800 photos, I returned home and started putting it all together. When it was processed, I then uploaded this to YouTube.

Of course, I decide that I wanted to record this on my blog. See the original post here. If only I had searched a little further, read a support forum, or read a bit more! All I knew was that I would have to pay to get video support! Oh the impetuosity of the newbie.

Thank goodness to the Zero to Hero challenge and including new elements.

Now, I can share my YouTube videos! Here is my timelapse as I wanted to display it those few short months ago.

Now that, I think, is better.

Live, laugh, love!


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