Zero to Hero Challenge: Day 3

Zero to Hero Challenge

Still trying to catch up!

What’s on my mind when I started:

When I actually started this blog, it was in response to wanting to share a wonderful sunrise I saw as I was driving to work – see Howick Sunrise. It struck me that the colours of the pre-dawn sky were amazing and far to wonderful to keep to myself. My very first post on WordPress. I am still proud of that shot – but have to admit that not so proud of how I took it.

I was driving to the ferry for my morning commute, with my camera handy, and slowed down as I went through a roundabout (a couple of times), taking multiple exposures. Fortunately, I had taken a few shots before leaving home and had set aperture/shutter speed and ended up with this. It even qualifies as a drive-by-shot, as featured Drive-by shooters.

I then thought (as mentioned in previous posts) that it would be a good way of challenging myself to expand and develop my photography skills in a fun way that would allow others to critique my photos and make suggestions on how to improve (critique in a nice way, of course). Also, a good way of experimenting in such a way that would allow a wide range of peoples from around the world to see, comment on, and hopefully appreciate some sights from our amazing planet.

I then discovered a wonderful world of people with similar interests, and was amazed by the range of wonderful photos from some talented people.

I slowly expanded, and included some thoughts about my commute, and how much I like the ferry trip, and how it is a wonderful way to commute.

Then there was some posts about food.

And, I found that lots of other had entertaining and amusing posts about a lot of different things as well.

And, the combinations: Food, photography, travel, wonderings of the heart, and the list goes on.

And, being an optimist, some blogs resonated with me. And, I find inspiration.

And it goes on. And I get more from other bloggers. And, the more I share, the more I get back!

Live, Laugh, Love!

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