Zero to Hero Challenge: Day 2 – What’s in a name?

Zero to Hero Challenge

Why did I choose the title “Tripping the Light Fantastic”?

Not wanting to take myself to seriously, I wanted to encompass ideas of light-heartedness, a bit whimsical, and related to photography – or the collecting of light, and my journey in exploring my environment and creativity, and charting my progress as I learn and develop.

So, Tripping relates to my journey (physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental), and Light Fantastic relates to photography.

The tagline “A foray into collecting light”, to me, sums up the mechanis of photography: collecting light. Along the way, I hope to learn from others about more than just photography, but also about others’ aspirations, joys, sorrows, wins, losses, and celebrating life in general.

I think I am an optimist, and always try to keep a smile on my face, and like to share with others. Often, my smile is returned with interest. Have you noticed how a smile is infectious? And when it is returned, how the sum of the two smiles seems to be lots bigger than the individual smiles?

If you read some of my (latest) posts, you will see Live, Laugh, Love.To me, this means

  • to live life (not just drift along). A lot of the other bloggers I follow seem to have this trait; sharing the joys, the sorrows, the highs, the lows, the pain, and loves.
  • to laugh, not take yourself to seriously, and to strive to enjoy all you do. I take life seriously, but not myself. Also, laughter – while not necessarily the best medicine – is energising and stress relieving, as well as helping lowering blood pressure.
  • and love, both yourself as well as others, your god, and your environment. Love, to me is empowering, and is a truly positive feeling, and can overcome lots of negatives. And, keep your heart open to love: leave no room for hate.

So, Live, Laugh, Love.


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