Zero to Hero Challenge: Day 1

Zero to Hero Challenge

So, I thought I would participate in this challenge – some days after it started. Should I try to post a couple a day to catch up?

Well, I started the challenge without realising – I updated the about me page. However, another edit will be coming up shortly.

About My Blog:

I started this blog as a way to develop my photography skills, and initially intended to try something new every week, and chart my progress. However that has changed – I still use it as a challenge, but I am now also using it as a source of inspiration for new ideas for photography, and also for new ideas on how to improve my skills.

Through this, I would like to have comments on how I could improve my photos, and generally make contact with people from a wide range of countries, ages, backgrounds, etc.

About Me:

I am now over 50, so must now be classed as middled aged. I live in Auckland, New Zealand (if you haven’t gathered from any of my posts), and commute by ferry into the central city from the eastern suburb of Howick. This commute is such a wonderful start and end to a working day – I just love it, and have a lot of photos to prove it. My wife (of 28 years) and I have 2 sons (neither of whom are teenagers any more), and they are probably what I am most proud of so far – both amazingly wonderful people. Also we have 3 cats!

Apart from photography, I enjoy Taekwon-Do, although fitting it in around work and family can be difficult at times. This year I hope to advance to the next level.

I always try to be positive, have a smile on my face, and be accepting of others (and yes, I sometimes have to fake it until I make it).

I am looking forward to this year, and all the opportunities it may bring.

Live, laugh, love!


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