Rainy days …

The potential:

… was to gaqther my gear together and take a trip to the Glenbrook Vintage Railway after bein inspired by a post from Leanne Cole, with a side trip to the Wiatangi Falls.

The reality:

… just before leaving, a light drizzle started, and looked like getting worse during the afternoon.

The alternative:

… go through old and recent photos, sorting to see if there is something worth sharing.


Table with key embedded in acrylic

Table with key embedded in acrylic

This table top was made from a slab of kauri about 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, and abuot 2 inches thick. What made it even more interesting was that voids in the wood were filled with acrylic and objects had been inset into the acrylic. Here is a key inset in a large section of acrylic.

Garden statue

Garden statue

While wandering around I found this statue nestled among the trees. As the light was fading as night arrived, I used the flash. I tried several ISO settings, with differing flash compensations, and liked this shot best.

Coins set into table

Coins set into table

Here is another table – this one has old coins in the acrylic – a half crown ( 2 / 6 d), a half penny, and a thruppence (top to bottom). A scary thougth is that I rememeber using this money when I was young, and New Zealand changed to decimal currency in 1967!

Bird of Paradise flower

Bird of Paradise flower

There is something exotic about the bird of paradise flowers, and this one is indeed very birdlike!

(The above 4 photos were taken while on holiday for the Goat Island snorkelling holiday)

Live, laugh, Love.


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