Rainy day options 2: Pictures of Melbourne

With my (newly laid) plans disrupted due to weather, I thought it would be a good opportunity to re-visit some photos from a “recent” visit to Melbourne – well just over 15 months ago now.

At that time, I had just bought a new Canon DSLR (EOS 650D) and my main project was to take photos for my niece’s wedding (at the historic and picturesque Ripon-Lea – used occasionally in the TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries).

However, the visit also gave me a chance to go out and experiment with my new equipment, and take advantage of the sights and places in Melbourne – one of the most wonderful cities in the world (and a great place to eat).

Since taking these photos and importing (and processing some) through the Canon software, I have acquired Lightroom. So, now having imported into Lightroom, I have re-processed them, and I think these results are much better – as my processing skill has increased too .

My original plan was to go and photograph some steam trains that are running today (as prompted by a post from Leanne Cole), but as I said, the rain came. Here’s the result

Live, laugh, love.


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