Portraits of Missy

Today we had visitors (family) who bought their dog with them (the came down from Keri Keri, about a 2 1/2 – 3 hour trip). While Missy was tied up in our back yard, I decided I should try out some pet portraits. I found it challenging – getting a shot reasonably well set up, just to have the dog move! And on other occasions, getting the shot set up, and then waiting patiently for Missy to move into position. Frustrating, yes. Satisfied with the results? Mostly. While not award winning by any means, I felt reasonably happy with some of shots. In the future, I think I shall look back at these and be happy with improvements I will have made.

2 responses to “Portraits of Missy

  1. Missy is a pretty model 🙂 And I know what you mean by having trouble with taking pictures of a dog, just when you get the pose you want they tend to move. But you did a great job with her!

    • Thank you – luckily it is summer (and a very humid 27 degrees today) so lying down on the grass was ok! And, best of all, I had fun. (and thanks for commenting).

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