Dancers Among Us


I recently saw this book in a book shop, where I had a quick flick through. To say that this brief browse of images made me want to see more – the poise, the pose, the juxtapositions were a thing of beauty.

Upon searching the Auckland City Library, I discovered that there was a copy available in one (four) of the local branches. So off I went to collect it.

I went through the book looking at the images
I then went through the book reading the chapter introductions and looking at the images
I then started reading the notes to the images and looking at the image being referred to

The photography was amazing, the chapter introductions heartwarming (and somewhat inspirational), and then the accompanying notes describing some of these images increased my appreciation.

“Dancers Among Us” by Jordan Matter is a wonderful book. Not only did it provide examples of wonderful photography, it also provided an insight into the inspirations of the man behind the lens.

I have always admired the sheer athleticism of trained dancers and the strength they have without really showing it, but this book left me with even more admiration for their dedication and physical abilities!

If you haven’t seen the book, or heard of it, you can get more information from the website.

(Check out the video)

Thank you Jordan, for the sheer joy of this book!

Live, laugh, love!


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