Out in the Midday sun

I had the opportunity today of stopping off at Stockade Hill – a local notable site that has a lot of historical significance for my local village. It also one of the higher points of Howick, and the views can sometimes be spectacular. Here is the view looking out to the South East, towards Beachlands and Flat Rock (the island).

View from Stockade Hill

View from Stockade Hill

Currently Stockade Hill also serves as the local memorial for soldiers from the district that gave their lives in the conflicts in which they served – a fitting reminder for why it is called Stockade Hill and the close association it has had with armed forces and wars.

As a memorial to the soldiers who gave their youth and their lives in the First World War of 1914 – 1918, an acorn was planted, and has grown into a mighty oak tree that stands guard over the main street.

When I was young (late 60’s and early 70’s), I lived about 5 minutes walk away, and often came here to play – running up and down the trenches of the stockade. There used to be two large concrete water tanks on top of the hill that were used as the local Howick water supply. Of course, it was a test of courage among my friends to get on top of the water tanks, and look down into the depths. For a young lad of about 10-12, these tanks were massive – about 4-5 metres above ground, and about 15 metres in diameter. I remember once looking throught the hatch in the top and seeing the light rays disappearing into the seemingly bottomless water, and wondering if I would ever be found if I fell in.

Live, laugh, love!


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