Christmas Vacation

Well, Back home again getting ready for the New Year. My sister, brother-in-law, nieces and their partners have returned to Melbourne/Brisvegas, and Christmas is well and truly over. We all had a wonderful time together, and it was nice to have no pressing tasks or events to take care of.

From previous posts, you can see the tuis, early morning peace, and have some idea of the beauty of our holiday. The Leigh Sawmill Cafe was a terrific place to stay, and one of the main reasons this was chosen was because it is close to the Goat Island Marine Reserve – a very popular diving/snorkeling spot. In fact, I did my PADI sea tests at this spot. The Aussie contingent took the opportunity to go snorkeling daily. Here’s a view over the bay.

Goat Island Marin Reserve

Goat Island Marin Reserve, looking north east

When you get down to the “beach”, you get to join in the fray for staking out a spot for gearing up and heading to the water

Main beach

Main beach

Here’s a few shots of the chanel between the beach and the Island

There are a few rock pools too – hope you can see that these are photos through the water:

Meanwhile, back at The Sawmill, I was taken with the succulents outside the rooms – and felt the need for a little macro work.

Succulent outside room

Succulent outside room

Oh well, back home, readying for New Year’s Eve (and my wife’s birthday), and another 2 weeks summer vacation.

Live, laugh, love!


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