Evening Ferry

One of the benefits of my daily commute (as some will know) is the twice daily ferry trip I have. I like to think that I am lucky enough to have 2 harbour cruises a day on the sparkling Waitemata Harbour. While sometimes the sun shines, somtime the rain falls, and occasionally the fog rolls in, it is always calming and enjoyable. Even through the depths of hte Auckland winter, I could often be found sitting on the outside decks of the ferries.

Another facet I love is the evening ferry trips home. I love the way the lights sparkle and have a vibrancy about them. Also, the lighting on Auckland’s Skytower changes with different happenings around the city.

In line with trying new techniques, here is a shot taken with a longish exposure – it overcame the lack of a steady camera on a moving and rocking ferry.

Downtown Auckland

Downtown Auckland

Further out in the trip, I looked out from the stern of the ferry (Seaflight), and saw the Port of Auckland working hard, with the skyline watching over. This had to be a compromise, fast shutter speed, higher f stop, high ISO. However, I was reasonably happy with the result.

Auckland City skyline at night

Auckland City & Port at night, taken from the Fuller’s ferry Seaflight

Am I very lucky or what?

This morning, I am off on a rostered Saturday work, and the ferry trip is bringing my the sight of lots of yachts out sailing on the harbour, taking advantage of the lovely spring weather.

A panorama of the Waitemata


Just another wonderful day in paradise!


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